Nominated . . . moi?


Now just how in the hell could it be that this sorry excuse for a blog could be nominated for an award?  Huh?  Can you tell me??  I didn’t think so.  Well I can’t tell you either!  Some VERY generous person ( has nominated this blog for the Liebster award, but it’s for up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers (I have more but don’t tell anyone) and I am humbled.  BUT!  Not too humbled to blather on for awhile!  Apparently I’m supposed to write eleven (11!) facts about myself.  Well, that’s a lot.  Let’s see . . .

1.  I am at this moment sucking on a Dazee.  No that’s not a fancy word for a male appendage, it’s a marijuana candy, you lech!

2.  I am wearing a t-shirt (you always ask me what I’m wearing!) with the self-portrait of my niece.  It’s awe-inspiring.

3.  I am working on several pieces of outstanding jewelry that you will soon be invited to purchase at my etsy store.  Exciting, exciting.

4.  I have sparkly blue fingernails.  I love fancy fingernails and toenails.  That and lipgloss.  Three for the price of one on #4!!

5.  I am seriously in love with photography, especially photographing little things, like bugs.  I know!!  They’re so cool.

6.  I am the third of six children.  BIG Catholic family.  I call myself a recovering Catholic.  I used to say Catholic Lite, half the guilt and shame.  But now I totally disavow the Catholic church and all of its teachings.  Which leaves me conflicted because my Mom and Dad are having this big 50th wedding anniversary and you KNOW they’re having a damn mass and guess who is doing a damn reading?  THIS big fat hypocrite.

7.  I looooooove me some purple.  Purple, purple purple.  I love purple.  I love grape koolaid.  I love purple nail polish.  If I could drive a purple car, I would.  If I could wear purple contact lenses, I would.  If there was a purple skin tan, I’d do it.

8.  I am a Spring/Summer girl.  I could do entirely without Fall and Winter.  In fact, I’m trying to figure out a way to do just that, by moving to Florida.  I’m trying to figure out if I can live without my family.  I am quite attached to them though.  Such a quandary!  DAMN it!

9.  I live in Boulder, Colorado.  If you’re gonna live in Colorado, Boulder is the hippest spot in the joint.  It’s pretty good.  Full of bicyclists.  I run over at least one per day.  Those fuckers think they OWN the road!

10.  I have a ragin- cajun daddy and a french canadian mommy.  That accounts for a lot of my crazy.  It also accounts for the fact that je parle francais!  Oui!  Merci pour les drugs!  That is what I say to Dr. Drugs.

11.  I started my blog because I always wanted to write.  Not sure if I ever will or even if I can but my little burps and farts of words on the screen are awfully fun and your responses are even funner!  Thanks for the love!

Answers to 11 questions:

1) Why do you blog?

See #11

2) Are you paper published?

What’s that?  Uh…no.

3) Why does the Easter Bunny deliver chocolate eggs and is the chocolate hen ok with that?

The Easter Bunny is a straight-up mind-fucker and is also in a union-busting fight with the chickens and so refuses to carry their products.

4) Are you comfortable working to a genre?

Not really.  My genre is whatever I want it to be.  Really, this is a blog about being bipolar, which gives me license to go all over the damn place.

5) Skirt or trousers?

Oh don’t you try to put me in a box like that.  HELL NAH!!!  I wear whatever the fuck moves me.  Today it’s a pretty, girly dress, tomorrow, sweatpants.  I’m BIPOLAR!!!!!  I am all over the place.  And that is ok.  I’m ok, you’re ok.  And that’s ok.  OK?  You better say ok.  That’s all I’m saying.  Ok?

(6) Favourite children’s book?

Good Horsekeeping!  Oh I loved horses so much growing up.  This was the best book ever for a girl growing up dreaming of having a horse.

7) First record bought?

Ben by Michael Jackson.  I remember kissing the album cover.  OOH I LOVED HIM!!!

8) Tony the Tiger or The Milky Bar Kid to win a Rap battle and why?

Who the FUCK is the Milky Bar Kid???

9) Place where your soul is forever kept?

My soul is stuck out in the ocean.  I need to go visit it.

10) Ever seen a ghost?

No!  But some ghostly fucker threw a pebble at me in St. Augustine, Florida during a ghost tour of a cemetery.  I yelled at him and called him a “sucker”.  Why I held back on the language I’ll never know.  I must have been scared.

11) which super power would you like?

I would like to do like Superman and erase the world or make time go backwards.  Oh there’s so many times where I wish I could make time go backwards and erase something I’ve done.  Sound familiar?

Oh there’s another set of 11 questions but it’s just too damn much, I need to call it a night.  Forget about giving me the award.  I give up!!!  Writing all this shit is its own reward!  Award!  Whatever!   Peace out!  Peaches!  To your homies!!!!

6 thoughts on “Nominated . . . moi?

  1. One of my (now lapsed) Catholic friends used to say something similar about the Episcopalian church. She called it Catholic Lite, now with 1/3rd less guilt. It always cracked me up.

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