Giant Leap

I took a gigantor leap last night and went to a meetup, all by myself, for people new in town.  Whoa-eee was I nervous!!  Well thank Jeezee there were other nervous people there and they were super-nice!!!  Yeah!  I need to establish a circle of friends.  Right now I just have a very small amoeba and it’s just not cutting it.  You know how it is in a new town!  I want it to be commonplace that I go somewhere in Boulder and I run into someone I know.  Right now that’s a rarity.  That’s not really the point of it all but it’s part of me feeling like I really live here and belong here.

Super-extra-bonus:  Two of the men asked me out!  Yeah!  I have  been SO “out of the game” and these were both nice men and I’d like to go out with both of them!  Way to ease back in, Bpof!  Oh yeahhhhh.

All right, outta sight, off to start the day.  Peach out, homies!

10 thoughts on “Giant Leap

  1. So great to hear you put yourself out and it was worth it. The best part about moving on in life is pushing your comfortability and putting ourselves out there. It seems scary at first, but will be worth it in the end.

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