Let’s Hear it For Moms!

Let’s hear it for the mommies this weekend!  I know I was fortunate enough to have a real mommy-mom who stayed home with us and did all the mom-things like taking us to story hour at the library (do they do that any more?),  making us playdough, letting us experiment in the kitchen, holding our birthday parties and making millions of cakes, and putting dinner on the table, from scratch, every single night for years and years and years.  In fact, she’s STILL doing that!!  And she’s still making the cakes.  She is a darling, sweet and outstanding human being with a core of steel.  I think this country is held together by a network of mommies and their love for their children.  I know it has been my foundation and it has given me my own core from which everything good in me flows.  I am beyond grateful for my mom and all she has given me and even continues to give me!  She is love and wisdom and strength and she is my Mom.  Thank you, Mom!

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