Yes. I Fell Off The Edge Of The Earth

Yep, I disappeared!!  This springtime thingie has me all out and about!  Are you feeling better?  ME TOO!!  Are you out living your life more?  ME TOO!!!  It’s amazing how a little delicious sunshine, singing birds, and warm breezes can change the outlook.  So, I’m still alive, and someday I’ll come up with another topic to write about, but right now I’m just out and about, flitting like a butterfly, planting flowers here, kicking dirt clods there, planning & scheming as to what I’ll put in the garden.  WHOA HEY life is good!!!  I hope it’s good for you too!!!  Maybe I’ll even have more dates!!  I am open.  Let’s talk soon, ok?  Keep in touch.  Word to yer Mama!  Peaches!

2 thoughts on “Yes. I Fell Off The Edge Of The Earth

  1. So happy for you. Stay inspired and enjoy God’s beautiful world. I have actually progressed from my bedroom to the back porch swing. The sun seems to fill me with something I desperately cling. too. Here’s to hoping I catch spring fever too. 🙂

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