Hello, world!

There’s something about feeling better and living in the current of life.  It’s tempting not to write about it.  I just want to be out in life!  But it’s important to write about everything that goes on in the Bipolar cycle, not just the down.  At the moment, the mood is up and it feels great.  I finally feel like I’m living instead of sitting on the couch.  Too much of my life has been spent separated from life.  It feels so great to jump back into the stream.

Today I went to a guitar jam down in Boulder at an Irish bar and it was just so “there” and “Boulder” and YEAH.  Can I describe it better?  Fuck yeah that was a poor description but that’s all I’ve got right now.  It just felt like I was living life in the town where I’m planted, if you know what I mean.  I felt like an inhabitant, instead of a spectator.  The music was just a bunch of guitars, banjo’s, harmonica and a guy with a washboard (!!) and they’d go around in a circle and someone would choose a song and they’d play it and the chooser would sing.  And it was great!!  And everyone, even the audience, would chime in on the singing.  Goddamn it, if that’s not Hometown America, I don’t know what is!!  Wow it just lifted me up.

So I floated on home, took an energizing walk, and here I am.  It feels good to reconnect.  How are you?  Sorry I’ve been AWOL.  It’s this Life thing!  It grabbed me for a second.  Feels good.

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