Checking In

Hello from the far reaches of the universe aka Boulder, Colorado.  I know I have been suspiciously silent.  I don’t have a good explanation.  No one cut my fingers off.  I don’t have a head injury.  My laptop was not stolen.  I just seem to have lost the gift of gab!  Holy shit yes!  Me, the blabbermouth!!

Well I had a wonderful visit from my friend Krispetykrunchety from Florida.  That is her REAL name.  She is a wonderful friend and I love her and it felt like home to have her around.  We just sat and talked (and drank, and ate dazees, the best marijuana candy in the universe!) and ate!  It was super-good to catch up with her and I miss her already.

I have also been exercising my pudgy ass off for months, about three months, and finally at last I am seeing some progress and weight loss!  It takes FOREVER for my body to kick in and notice that I have been torturing it.  Now it is finally responding by letting go of some of its fat and by reshaping a bit.  I am THIS CLOSE to fitting in to my jeans and it makes me want to jump up and down.  Vereeeeeee motivatinggggggggg people!!!  Yessss it’s about time body!!  I almost gave up.

Tomorrow I am off to New Orleans with the whole damn family for a trip to our roots.  Our great-great Grandfather was the Governor of Louisiana and a secessionist and a Civil War General and all kinds of shit that my Dad is very into and very proud of.  He wanted to take all of us kids to show us our ROOTS and where we come from.  It’s sort of his late-in-life wish and we are honoring it.  I think it will be hectic but fun.

So I promise I will write when I get back with a trip report!  Maybe even on the trip if I can borrow a laptop!  Who knows, maybe my nerdy brother Tinkle will bring his laptop.  He probably will.  Hope all is well with you.  See you soon!  Bipolaronfire is OUT!

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