Hello From The Traveling Gnome

Well my Dad had a chance to show us everything he wanted us to see in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana.  I think I can safely say that we laughed, we cried and we ate.  Yes all three.  I’m not going to tell you about the “we cried” because it’s wayyyyy too tender and it has to do with Dad.  Suffice to say that it’s HELL watching your parents get old and frail and I’ve done my share of grieving over this trip.  More than my share.  As far as laughed, all these little kids I call “nieces”  and “nephews” were a kick and a half, so cute and at times so BAD and I loved it all.  And we ate the house down, let me tell you.  Cajun, Cajun Cajun.  It was a glory to behold.  I need to get back on my exercise program STAT.  Except there’s little thing called a GODDAMN TRIP TO NORTH CAROLINA that I have to go on today for work, very unhappy girl here!!!!  I just want to stay home and be home.  But I am back, off to the airport in a couple of hours, just time to do my laundry and go off again.  Fuck!!  Why did I agree to this trip?  I have really turned into a fucking People Pleaser over the last few years and I need to examine that because it’s pissing me the hell off.

On that note, I guess I will say Hello!  Goodbye!  Bipolaronfire over and out!  Peaches!

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