Notes From The Nut

I am home from trip #2 which was the stupidest trip EVER because I was SICK the whole time!!  It seems like I just told one of my sister-in-laws that I needed to examine my people-pleasing because it really wasn’t serving me and then ka-foom I go and do it again!!!  I’m scared of pissing someone off by cancelling this trip, so I go.  WRONG answer!!  I should have done what was right for ME and stayed home.  Instead I was the world’s biggest dipshit at the big picnic, laying around in the hammock, falling asleep, coughing, in general a big fat drag of a person.  I tell you what.  I felt shittier than shit.  I have learned my lesson!!  I will listen to myself!!!

I had an awful lot of fun observing people at the airport and I have come to the conclusion that Americans are big fat slobs.  You wouldn’t believe what they were wearing!!  To travel in!!!  I wouldn’t leave the house in this shit!!!  Sweats, pulled up to the knees.  No.  This is not the look.  Faded basketball shorts.  On a chunky woman.  With those toeless Adidas sandals.  This is not a look!!!  Coochie cutters on ANYONE over forty is just not cool, ok?  Get over it ladies, you can’t pull it off.  I should have taken pictures but I had a damn medicine-head and wasn’t thinking.

I am still sick, but working today.  From home, yesssss.  Not sure how long this arrangement will last but it pretty much rocks the house, y’all.  Get me outta that crypt!!!

Well the mood is up and down, I forgot the Trileptal on the short trip so I was out of it for a couple of days and I got suicidal on the flight home (boo) but I knew it was because I was off that medicine (yay) and I quickly remedied it.  I still feel like I have no direction in life but my horoscope says things are supposed to turn way up.  Let’s just see it it’s all bullshit or not, shall we?  I will report back.  Peaches and Pears, BPOF

4 thoughts on “Notes From The Nut

  1. Hooray, you’re back! I do miss your posts! I personally find no BIG direction in life, but am okay with it at the moment. I think that comes from years of being so unstable and now being stable and just enjoying the day-to-day. I’ll probably start looking for meaning sometime. 🙂

    • Helloooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Thank you for missing me postes!!! And thank you also for sharing my directionless life! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! Maybe some day I will write a book. That’s what I tell myself 🙂

  2. I just love your writing! It’s weird, I just suddenly thought of you and decided to check for posts (they hadn’t shown up in my reader for some reason)- and was very glad to see you had, in fact, posted. Hope that isn’t super-strange. And hope all is/ will be well.


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