Purge On, Garth!

The purge has begun.  See?  I said I’d see you on the other side of some action.  Well, it took me awhile!!  I’ve been stuck in the super-blands and it hasn’t been productive.  Something in Dr. Drugs’ changes must be kickin’ me up a notch because I’m still in the blands, but I’m so bored that I’ve been spurned to action.  Action!  This is good.  So.  I did some world-class purging today, in several areas of the house, and I feel that I am open to more.  I feel like the items I’m purging have attachments to things I’ve been beating myself up about, I don’t know if that makes sense?  They remind me of things that make me feel bad.  Why keep THAT shit around?

I have forced myself to throw shit away that my whining brain says “but maybe that has some value left in it!”  but I would feel like a damn fool taking a ripped up falling apart dress to Salvation Army, why bother taking it there and making THEM throw it out?  I swear.  I drive myself crazy.

I also am admitting that I’m not interested in sewing any more.  I used to sew like crazy.  Well, I haven’t in years.  I’ve carried around these two giant tubs of fabric, thinking that I would use them.  Well guess what.  It’s been years and I haven’t used them.  Why not let someone else use them and enjoy them?  I am donating the cotton to a club that makes quilts for sick kids, and I put the rest on Craigslist.

I need to free myself up from who I think I should be based on who I was, so that I can be who I am meant to be now.  I’ve been so unconsciously closed off, clutching to these moldy old possessions like they define me.  They own ME and I don’t really like what they say about me.  It’s like an old lady set in her ways.  I don’t want that to be me.  So I am letting go of the unused, unloved and unneeded.  Feels cosmic.  Feels great.

9 thoughts on “Purge On, Garth!

  1. I could use a little of your energy. I have stuff around here that is way overdue to be tossed out. It’s really hard to do, though.

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