Some people are so generous…


Raeyn at was kind enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you!  I think I am more deserving of the Depressing Blogger Award, Monotonous Blogger Award, Debbie Downer Blogger Award, or the What The Fuck Is Wrong With You Blogger Award, but what the hell?  I’ll take it.

I’m supposed to list seven interesting things about me, but I don’t have seven interesting things to say.  I’ll just say seven things.

1.  I know how to cuss in four languages

2.  I fantasize about going back to the 70’s and playing a part in The Rockford Files

3.  I also fantasize about doing all kinds of illegal things to make money.  One time I started one of those chain letters where you send the person on the top of the list twenty dollars.  I was the first six people on the list.  I think I got twenty dollars out of it.

4.  The name of my wireless network at home is VIRUS-INFECTED.  Who’s gonna fuck with that?

5.  I once took my washing machine apart because it stunk like dirty socks.  When I put it back together I had lots of spare parts, but it still worked.  I take this to mean that I am some sort of efficiency genius.

6.  I wear one of those bluetooth headsets so that people don’t think I’m talking to myself.

7.  I once got fired from a job for grabbing the boss’ butt.  Was that so wrong?

Now get out there people and buy your Powerball ticket!!!

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