The Packing Hack

I’ve started to pack.  Where did the last two years go?  There’s been some good times here.  A lot of tough times.  This has been a wonderful, nurturing home for me though.  So full of light and beauty.  I’ve never stopped being grateful for it.  Now I’m wondering, where will I go?  Will it be as good?  Will it be good to me?  I’m not too handy with the unknown.  I have my whole list of what I want and need in a place.  Number one is quiet.  This place is at the crossroads of two busy streets – its only minus.  Oh how I wish it was all over and done already!  Or I wish I owned a place, so I didn’t have to think about moving, although I know home ownership comes with its own set of problems.  It’s a time of just putting one foot in front of the other.  I have about six weeks.  I’m not leaving it all to the end.  I have a finite number of weekends to pack.  I’m going to be kind to myself and do this at a measured pace so I don’t have to kill myself at the end.  It sure is tough though.  It’s tough to pack up so many things that I have such attachment to, that have such meaning to me.  It’s tough to take down the artwork that the nieces and nephews made.  Their little love-bombs, all over my house.  They embrace me, all day, every day.  I’m beginning to miss them already.  I really didn’t foresee having to leave this place before I was ready, or without a choice.  I need to be relentless in my belief that everything will be ok.  Just not consider any other option.  That’s going to be my strategy.  Just trust.  Ok.  Back to packing.

4 thoughts on “The Packing Hack

  1. There is so much anxiety and energy used to make each move and each decision. If one has not experienced it, it is hard to understand. Sending you strength and hope that the next move will be the best.

  2. Everytime I move I promise myself that I won’t move again until I can have professionals move me. Sadly, it never seems to happen that way once I look into my empty wallet. Moving is so stressful and exhausting. I’m glad to read you are taking it at an easy pace.

    • Isn’t it funny what we promise ourselves over moving? I promise myself that I won’t move again unless it’s into a home of my own, or unless it’s into a romantic living together situation. BONGGGGGGG! Struck out on both counts. Oh well…

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