Stop Sobbin!

Another day, another sobfest in Dr. Drugs’ office.  “I’m flat.”  WAHHHH!  “I’m depressed.”  WAHHHH WAHHHHH!!  “I wish something would happen to make me die because I can’t kill myself, it would hurt my family too much.”  WAHHHHH WAHHHHH WAHHHHH!!!  Dr. Drugs calmly wrote it all down.  He asks, “What’s your mood level, on a scale of 1 to 10?” then “What’s your energy level?” (same scale), then “How are you sleeping?” and finally “How is your appetite?”  He peppers me with these questions like a shotgun, and I spurt out “I’m a THREE, ok?  Threes across the BOARD!  These drugs aren’t WORKING!”  Dr. Drugs sits, serenely sipping his tea.  “I think the antidepressants are causing you to cycle.”  he says.  “But I’m not cycling I’ve been steadily down for MONTHS!” I cry back.  The good doctor is unruffled.  ‘I’d like you to increase the Trileptal to 1200 mg at night, stop the Lexapro and I’ll see you in a week.”  I am skeptical of this plan, but, not having a better one, I agree.

So I came home, went through the pill box, took out some, added some.  The plan is in place.  I know sooner or later this chemistry experiment called My Brain will respond to something.  That, or we’ll go to Plan B.  Dr. Drugs 2.0.

11 thoughts on “Stop Sobbin!

  1. Man, hang in there. It has been a year for me taking meds, up to 10 now and Trileptal is one of the them. I was recently given Geodon and it is the first drug to actually give me some hope that there is light in this tunnel we call DEPRESSION.

  2. I’ve been battling with my pdoc for months. I’ve been wanting an increase in anti-anxiety meds, and he keeps refusing. I hope you find the new dosage works.

      • If it was any other doctor I’d probably find someone else, but I’ve been going to him for years and have found he’s usually right even when I want him to be very wrong.

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