Morning After The Rain

Today is the first day where I can feel Fall coming.  It rained all last night, and this morning there’s a fragrance in the air that smells of rain, and growing things, and the smell of fall leaves (although there are no fall leaves, it smells of it.  Maybe it’s the beginning of decay in the garden).  There are clouds lining the tops of the mountains like icing on the top of a cake.  Only a few morning glories are blooming.  The riotious blooms of color have passed.  But it’s the smell I want to memorize.  I wish I could soak it up in an old cloth and put it in a jar so I could take it out this winter when I need to come back to this morning.  I want to sit out on my porch in my shortie pajamas and my robe with my creamy coffee forever.

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