What A Difference A Little Estrogen Can Make

Well I think it’s safe to say that Hormone Replacement Therapy is saving my life.  I was really on the knife’s edge there for a couple of months and I was planning on doing ECT after I finishing moving houses at the end of this month, and as a last-ditch effort I went to the doctor and got on these hormones.  What a difference!!!  I am a new person.  I’m back to my old self!!  New, old, you get what I mean!  I’m functioning!  No more dread when I wake up in the morning.  No suicidal thoughts or ideations.  No wishing the other cars would crash into me on the road.  No crying jags.  It’s a revelation!!!!  I have energy and I’m able to go-go-go (not in a manic way but I am able to work on this move in a functional way).  I am so grateful to my sister, who found the doctor and pushed me to make the appointment right away.

I just can’t believe that HORMONES pushed me to the edge like this.  Well in a way I can, because before menopause I used to have PMS that would make me suicidal about every other month.  This is some really extraordinary shit.  I wonder if doctors are studying the effect of hormones on mental health?  I mean REALLY?  Because I *almost* went there!  Oh Lordy Jeezy I am just glad to be back.  Thank you to so many supportive people!  Peach out homies!

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