Embracing Change

Tomorrow the moving truck will roll up and all of my worldly possessions will be packed up and moved from Point A to Point B.  I am really, really sad.  I love this place where I live!!  It has been such a gift.  I called it the Cathedral of Light.  I am so incredibly light-dependent, and this place is absolutely full of light.  It’s an outstanding little house and it’s been great for me.  After two years here my landlord decided he wanted to move his mother in.  It’s been really hard for me to accept.  I found another place, but it really does not compare.  I’m grateful that I signed a lease before the Boulder floods though, because since the floods, everyone and their grandma is looking for a place to live, and I would have really been screwed.

The challenge for me is to just roll with the punches.  I’m not a victim here!  I had two good years in this house.  I need to accept the fact that life is full of change.  I am moving on.  Let’s see what the next chapter holds.  I am letting go of this house.  It’s tough.  I will be sad now, but then I’ll be done.  I’ll make the next place a palace too.  I am embracing the change.

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