Walking With Spirit

I took a walk yesterday in my new neighborhood.  What’s normal and natural for me is to find a route, and stick with it.  What I’m pushing myself to do instead of that is to explore the whole neighborhood, and go down different streets and paths on each walk.  I’m tired of always taking the “safe” road.  I need to explore life, and my little walks are a metaphor for that.  As I was walking I was thinking about Spirit, The Other Side, whatever you want to call it.  Being in touch with That Which Guides You.  I have been so out of touch!  I haven’t felt very guided at all.  I’ve been in so many bad places over the past year, and I’ve blamed God.  I know that’s not very highly evolved, but that’s the truth.

So here I am on my walk, and I’m just experimenting with listening to Spirit.  Here’s an unexplored path.  Do you want to go this way?  Or how about this way?  My instinct is resistance.  I am allowing myself to be gently led down the path of exploration.  I have asked the Universe to take me places.  I have asked the Universe to help me evolve.  Now I have to do my part, which is to say, I have to be willing to stretch.  I have to try new things.  So I walk.  I take the new path.  I turn left, instead of the familiar right.  It may sound trite, or simple, but for me, it’s a step out of my comfort zone.  One step leads to another, which hopefully leads me down the road to the person I want to be.  It’s a practice in listening, and being receptive to new ideas.  It’s an opening of the mind.  For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what the future holds, because I am receptive to change in me and my life.  For the first time in a long time, I am becoming.  I am not done.

2 thoughts on “Walking With Spirit

  1. I think that’s amazing. And the best way to know you’re moving forward and evolving is to be outside your comfort zone. The walk isn’t just a metaphor for change and being with spirit it IS change.
    The first time is the hardest, soon you’ll be a pro 😀

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