Taking A Step Back

I was hospitalized last year, nearly a year ago.  It was the tail end of November and the beginning of December.  My roommate in the looney bin has turned into a great friend.  She was in there because of suicidal feelings due to the loss of her husband to suicide.  I am going to Florida this weekend to be with her on the anniversary of her husband’s death.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year, it’s how suicide is the gift that keeps on giving.  My friend has had to fight and claw through the last year to stay alive.  Her son has been hospitalized several times.  They have lived under such a cloud of grief and trauma.  I’m hoping to support and love her through this anniversary however she needs me to.  She is a courageous lady and is rebuilding her life.  She inspires me.  It’s amazing how far we’ve both come from last year to now.  A friendship has grown from two crumbled lives.  It’s good to look at ourselves then, and now, and say Yes, things DO get better, even with the two steps forward, one step back rough road of life that is mental illness.  We are alive.

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