What the HELL, Lamotrigine?

I really don’t know about Dr. Drugs.  Or about the drugs that Dr. Drugs drugs me with.  One of those drugs is Lamotrigine.  For a time during the summer, Dr. Drugs had me on so much of this drug, I had no personality at all.  I mean seriously.  I was so flat, people thought I was on drugs!  FUN drugs!  And for another thing, from what I can tell, I lost my creative urge at about the time that I started taking Lamotrigine.  Lamotrigine, you are Le Sucker of Le Muse!  You Muse Rapist!  It’s time to say Sayonara to you!  So, as much as this is gonna hurt the good doctor, I’m gonna havta say to HELL with Dr. Drugs’ hard-on for Lamotrigine, and taper offa this sucker!  Hopefully in the next month or two you will see a significant uptick in both the quantity and quality of my posts.  If not I will a) Feel like an asshole; and b) Probably fire Dr. Drugs and find a new psychiatrist to experiment on me.  Stay with me for more exciting posts on how my brain explodes with these changes, YEAH BABY!!

7 thoughts on “What the HELL, Lamotrigine?

  1. There is a group called Gaining Autonomy with my Medication, which you might be interested in. It’s a way to kind of turn the tables on your psychiatrist and better make your own decisions about your treatment. There’s Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) as well. Personally, I would prefer to have the support of my psychiatrist in my decisions than not.

    I hope that helps. Good luck! 🙂

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