Well I got my camera out for the first time in probably six months and took a fall photo walk. It was pretty joyful! I think there’s something to this “Lamotrigine sucks creativity”. I am on just one tablet and I’m going to go off that sucker too. I am feeling much better without it. I am still on the Latuda for my bipolar attituda, I *think* it helps. I’m on a whole lotta other stuff too, perphenazine for paranoia (definitely helps), oxcarbazepine for mood stabilization (yes, yes), Seroquel for sleep (gotcha) and Wellbutrin for depression. I just need to banish the damn Lamotrigine. AND let me tell you. I need a therapy light. I broke mine last year and this getting up in the dark is sucking my will to live!!!! I was yelling at the damn world this morning. 7am and still dark. That is bullshit!! What can you do…. Well I’m supposed to be at work in twenty minutes, this is funny! Must. Go. Dress!! Lazy bones over and out!!

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  1. Lovely pic! I am on Lamictal and don’t really see it affecting my creativity, but I could be wrong. I know that it has really helped me a lot, but every one is different. As for Fall being here and the light being gone, I hear ya! I have a sun lamp that I am about to break out of the closet in protest. I was looking online and there are some fairly reasonably priced ones out there now (not like even a few years ago), so maybe that will be a possibility for you. I know mine helps a ton. Best always, Rose

    • These damn drugs are so weird and they can affect people differently. I have found that Lamictal stripped me of both my affect and my creativity. There’s documentation to that effect out there on the Internet. I know it’s a lifesaver to other people. I’m glad it works for you!

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