Here It Comes . . .


Oh my GORSH I just realized today that Daylight Savings ends this coming weekend and what does that mean?  EXTREME LIGHT DEPRIVATION SURVIVAL SKILLS IN FULL EFFECT!!  Starting…NOW!!  Yes it hit me today.  Today was a grey day full of heavy dramatic sighs and cries of “How am I gonna get through this” and the clock hasn’t even changed yet!  So tonight I had to go all hard-core on myself and start the extreme exercise regimen:  The Ballet Workout!   Yeah I know it sounds like a tinkerbell workout but gol-dang it, it’s HARD!!  And although I’m sure I looked like a rhino in fleece pajamas doing it, for my very health I prefer, no DEMAND to think that I looked like a pretty pretty princess!  All the plies and demi-plies and releves, hop-hop-poof!  I am skinny!  This daily exercise and staring into bright lights is going to get me through the next four months, mark my words.  And as of now I am giving myself full license to fantasize that I look like a million bucks while doing it!  No being hard on myself!  I am a goddess, god damn it!!  I am going to survive and maybe even thrive through this winter!  Just watch me!

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