My Treating Physician

So….there’s something I haven’t told you.  My treating physician is unbelievably HAWT and I entertain all kinds of fantasies about him.   Sorry.  Yep it’s true.  He’s a young little hottie.  Oh how I wish I could have my way with him!  It’s so hard to be appropriate with him when the thoughts are anything but.  Oh Lordy.  Why do you put these situations in our lives?

2 thoughts on “My Treating Physician

  1. I had an English professor like that, we were both about the same age, which made it worse. He also had a tattoo of an ink drawing of Don Quixote on his bicep. Ah….memories.

    • I have such a good little obsession going, I want to post his picture. Can you say “crazy”? He is beautiful. This ECT has put me right over the edge. We have a family appointment with him today to talk about me, love it lovin every minute of it.

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