Psychiatrist Appointment Today

I have a family appointment with my psychiatrist today.  He likes to meet with the family to go over the patient’s progress.  Should be nice, I can just sit there and look at him….ahhhhh…..I’m hoping that I don’t have too many more ECT treatments because my memory is all shot to hell.  I can’t remember stuff and I’m REALLY worried about going back to work, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do the work.  I’m going to bring this up today.  I’m supposed to be back at work on the 28th of the month.  That’s going to be here soon.  If Dr. Que keeps shocking the shit out of me I won’t have any brains left.  We will discuss this today.  Really, my memory is shot.  How am I going to account for this at work?  This is stressing me out.  We’ll see what the good doctor says.  I know, I know, I demanded this treatment!  And now I am reaping its rewards.  Shit.

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