It Was A Good Appointment

My doctor is so damn good!!!!!   I just love him.  I may have stated this already.   Oh I love my doctor.  He is beautiful.  He’s just a gorgeous human being.  It was a luscious family appointment.  I could have kept going for hours.  Oh I love the way he takes his time.  He is very protective of me and so willing to go to bat for me when it comes to my workplace.  I am very worried about going back to work and it is his wish that I go back on a part-time  basis to start.  He will have those FMLA papers over to my work quicker than I can say “pretty-please” which is very reassuring. I am just so worried that my workplace is going to say “to hell with her” and can me.   I am on my way to a treatment this morning.  Wish me luck.

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