Shall I Go Back In To The Hospital?

I’m not doing well.  I miss my doctor.  This is ridiculous.  I want to  be closer to him.  I think I’m getting crazier!  Oh lordy.  The thing is, I can’t tell him!  He will fire me for sure.  Sitting at home is making me  crazier.  He recommended a therapist, maybe I should make an appointment with her.  I am feeling very resistant.  OK I have called the therapist and left a message.  I feel a tish less crazy.

6 thoughts on “Shall I Go Back In To The Hospital?

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I just love my doctor so much!!! I feel like an ass for saying so. He is so beautiful and he is such a good doctor! I just wish I could be with him. I have such a confusing melee of emotions. Very strange. But oh how I love him!!!!!

  1. Hope you find someone soon and feel better. I don’t know where you live, but the church I often go to, Willow Creek, has a line you can call and unload to a pastor on call when needed.

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