16th Treatment Today

I believe I have my 16th (!!!) ECT treatment today.  I am in the maintenance phase of ECT and going less than once a week now.  This means that technichally, I’m eligibible to drive.  I’m going to ask my doctor about this.  When I asked him last week things didn’t go well.  He called my sister, and she took my car over to her house.  This has been an incredible infantilizing experience, I can’t even tell you.  People have no confidence in anything I say or do.  It’s like being five again.  I tell you, if I had it to do over, I don’t think I would have done ECT.  If you are considering it, think long and hard.  Then think again.  It hasn’t lived up to its promise, that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “16th Treatment Today

  1. I’m working on the same thing myself, but I have not gotten quite as far. I hope you will see a change. I have. Before ect I couldn’t read any more than 2 pages, which is always something I have loved. But this past week I read a whole chapter and even did a crossword puzzle. Perhaps they are not being thorough with you… if its not helping they should switch you to bilateral vs unilateral…. because that is where I started getting benefit. Unilateral did jack shit for me. Also, there is a kind of anesthesia that also works as an anti-depressant and I have been using that as my anesthetic and it made a difference. It is called “ketamine”

    • They have used ketamine. I’m not sure if they’re using it every time. I will ask them. We switched from bilateral to unilateral because the cognitive effects were too great, I was really dumbed up. We will see if this helps heck I don’t know. Thank you for your feedback.

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