Today Was Weird

I went in for that sixteenth treatment and I told my psychiatrist how crappy I’m feeling (should I be hospitalized?  I don’t know).  I am feeling weird in ways I’ve never felt before.  I’m feeling all kinds of things I’ve never felt before.  None of them good.  My psychiatrist proceeded to give me another treatment, then go consult with my mom and my sister on whether or not he should hospitalize me.  Ultimately he decided not to do it.  He sent me home with Mom.  I really hate having to stay with my parents.  I hate the loss of independence I am experiencing due to ECT.  I hope that I start to reap the rewards of this treatment soon.

2 thoughts on “Today Was Weird

  1. I finished 12 treatments of ECT in late November. I felt out of sorts for awhile after the last treatment: sick to my stomach, headaches, brain feeling totally fried (pun intended), sort of barely making it through the day, but then. Ah, but then. The cloud lifts and you feel so, so much better. It’s not all at once, but it does happen. It did not happen for me while I was going through the treatments, that was still a nightmare, but for me anyway, it did get better. I hope that you find peace and health coming soon. Good luck and all the best to you!

    • Oh thank you thank you thank you!!!! I really really hope the fog lifts. I feel like I have had enough treatments. I just need my brain to start responding. And I need my brain to work so I can go back to work. That is my REAL concern.

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