Let’s Try Some Stimulation

Since I’m so worried about my cognitive functioning, I joined this website called lumosity.com.  It’s got all kinds of brain-teasing games designed to stimulate your brain’s functioning.  The games are in all kinds of different categories – flexibility, memory, addition, subtraction, problem solving, you name it, they’ve got a category for it and a game for it.  I’m not gonna tell you how I measure up against other people my age except to say it’s not good.  If I wanted to get very overwhelmed by what the ECT has done to my brain, I could.  I’m going to stick with the positive and focus on trying to stimulate my brain.  I have plenty of time on my hands, I’m going to spend it at this website.  That, and a little walk to the grocery store.  It’s a beautiful day.   Hope you’re enjoying your day too.  Peach out, homies!!


Oh and I have a new therapist tonight at 5pm, wish me luck!

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