Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day.  I went to see Dr. BigHeart for a check-in.  I was fasting because I didn’t know if I would get an ECT treatment or not.  Ultimately Dr. BigHeart determined that I didn’t need a treatment, which was a big vote of  confidence for me and my current mental health.  I will go have a treatment on Wednesday, then next week on Friday.

Dr. BigHeart also wrote a letter clearing me for a return to work next week.  I will only be able to work Monday through Thursday, because I will have treatments on Fridays for at least the next couple of weeks.  I am very apprehensive about the return to work.

Now I have a gripe regarding the Olympics.  I’m just watching the speedskating and the Americans have these black uniforms on and I’m like, what the shit?  They should be red, white and blue!  There are a lot of strange-colored uniforms for the Americans.  Who is responsible for this????   I do NOT approve.

Tomorrow I have an intake appointment for this DBT Intensive Outpatient program I’m going to do.  Has anyone done DBT before?  I don’t know what I’m in for exactly but DBT was strongly recommended for me and since I’m desperate to get better, I said OK.  I’ll report back what I find 🙂

12 thoughts on “Today Was A Good Day

  1. I have been doing DBT and practicing skills for over ten years. It is a wonderful, life-changing program. You can find all sorts of posts about it on my blog, and you can check out the following website for an idea of what sorts of skills you will be practicing. The key to DBT is being willing…to make change, to try new things, to implement the skills, to take a close look at yourself and your behavior. The website I mentioned is basically a guide that can help you through your DBT classes and will give you a sneak peek at the skills you will be learning. It is:

    If you ever have a question or want to talk with someone about those skills, feel free to get in touch.


  2. I did DBT and it doesn’t work well unless you’re in a stable place (which is why my treatment has been postponed until I’m stable) so I can’t speak to as to whether it works that well since I’ve never done it stable (or even stable-ish). It helped with my panic attacks. So I suppose it must have done some good for me, good luck! x

    • Thank you! I don’t feel like I’m stable at all 😦 but I just had a two-hour intake today. Thank GOD she didn’t hospitalize me. The fucking group is from 9am-Noon MWF (I was initially told that it was at night). How are working people supposed to do this? I don’t know 😦

      • I’ve never trusted a professional with times, they’re always wrong 😛 I’m glad they didn’t hospitalize you too, I would miss you. I think maybe going to a few DBT sessions would be a good idea because then you can get a sense of if you’re ready for it. If you aren’t, I recommend waiting until you’re stable.

      • I hope I can go. I left a voicemail for my HR contact at the job and just told her flat out that I need to take DBT and it’s at this unfortunate time, and just asked her what my options are. We’ll see 🙂

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