My DBT Intake, Or Dammit To Hell!

Well, hell.  I went for my intake appointment for the DBT IOP.  Took a couple of hours and I had to sign roughly six hundred forms.  THEN I found out that the damn group isn’t at night MWF, it’s from 9am to Noon MWF!!  How fuckin’ stupid is that?  I mean really.  SO I have to ask for another accommodation from my job to be able to attend this damn treatment.  Dr. BigHeart really wants me to do it, and from the little bit I’ve learned so far, it sounds like a good fit for me.  I really have some things about myself that I want to change and I think DBT could be just the ticket.  So, I left a voicemail for my HR person asking if I could work a reduced schedule so that I can take this treatment.  Dr. BigHeart says that my employer doesn’t have the option to can me, since I’m covered under the ADA (Americans with Disabilites Act).  I hate like hell to ask for all this special treatment, but really what can I do?  I don’t want to take nine more weeks off of work, the other option.  I don’t think they’d go for that.

For the duration of the treatment, I am required to be sober.  I have been booze and pot-free for a few months, but it really doesn’t suit me.  I think I might have to go to some damn AA meetings to help me stay on the straight and narrow.  Sobriety is so boring!!  Sorry I am a terrible influence.

I have ECT tomorrow, the one thing I like about ECT is the feeling of going “comfortably numb” as the anesthesia kicks in.  Yeah.  Pitiful.  But I speak the truth!  I’ll see you all post-zap….have a GREAT evening!  Peaches!

7 thoughts on “My DBT Intake, Or Dammit To Hell!

  1. Ugh, sobriety! It took me a long long long time to come to a point where I was ready to be sober; like many things, I don’t really think it works unless you REALLY want to stop it. You grow up around addicts and hiding your own addictions, you learn that one!

    But I do hope that it works out okay for you, and that the delicious demons don’t haunt you overly. I’m sure you probably use them the same as any of us did — the drugs don’t work, but these sure make life vaguely tolerable!

  2. Dr. BigHeart is right. They can’t fire you because you are covered under ADA guidelines. I went through similar circumstances with a job more than once before I ended up on SSDI. I am glad it sounds like you are going to make accommodations to go to the DBT group. I think you will find that it is well worth it. And when they want you to go to group once a week for a year (which they will), I hope you take them up on that as well. Usually for the weekly DBT they have one or two that will meet in the evening or on a weekend. At least that’s how it is around here. I don’t know you well, but I’ve been reading your blog forever, and I think you will really get a lot out of DBT. Happy to hear you are sober as well, and hope that you do reach out and get support for that too, as it can be quite rough. Very best wishes, Rose

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