A Complaint Has Been Filed

Oh dear.  I am so stressed and distressed about this.  My sister has called the Patient Rep at Hospital #1 and filed a complaint against Dr. Sweetie.  She’s saying that:  a) Dr. Sweetie should not have been giving me ECT treatments while I was still on Topamax and Trileptal, and b) Dr. Sweetie should not have continued to give me ECT treatments when I was showing no progress (He gave me 16 treatments and had #17 scheduled when my family intervened and cut off the ECT).

I’m sure my sister is correct in her assertions, but you KNOW how I feel about Dr. Sweetie so this is just agonizing to me!  I keep trying to picture him getting notified that a complaint has been filed.  It can’t be good.  Will he know who filed the complaint?  I don’t know.  Probably.  He’ll need to be able to respond to the complaint.

The whole mess has left me with a scared stomach.  Add to that the fact that I need to go to Hospital #1 for bloodwork today.  What are the chances that I will run in to Dr. Sweetie?  Very low I hope.

So I’m off for my bloodwork and an appointment with Dr. Drugs.  Happy VD!  BPOF over and OUT!

12 thoughts on “A Complaint Has Been Filed

  1. Well dear, sounds like your sister is right. I am sure it is tough to deal with the thoughts of Dr. Sweetie, though. Just keep in mind that it’s a professional complaint, not a personal one. I don’t know if that helps or not. From working in the healthcare field, I can tell you that complaints are lodged against doctors and other professionals all the time. My guess, no offense, is that Dr. Sweetie is not freaking out about this. I am so glad you are done with ECT and getting ready to do DBT! Happy V-Day, m’dear! 😀

  2. Glad you’re looking forward to DBT. It’s helpful, and with the right group and psychologist, can be a lot of fun too. Too bad about the complaint, but you arent supposed to have ECT on anything that raises the seizure threshold, and those are anti-convulsants. I know how you feel about Dr Sweetie but I doubt he’ll take it personally. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your supportive words 🙂 My sister is a medical social worker and she knows how to write a complaint, she just sent me a copy of it. It’s a KABOOM kind of statement. Eeek! Anxiety..

  3. Blargh, I agree with your family that the complaint is warranted. But I also certainly commiserate with you that man, that stuff is *stressful* on a broken brain. ><

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