Tacsun Shinowot?


Tacsun Shinowot. Tacsun Shinowat. It’s just bouncing around in my head. It’s fun to say out loud! But who in the fuck is Tacsun Shinowat? A quick Google search reveals that Thaksin Shinawatra is the exiled Prime Minister of Thailand. Because there was a coup in Thailand, ya know? Sorry, Thaksin. But your name is so fucking fun to say! It’s a curse! Thaksin Shinawatra! It’s an accolade! Thaksin Shinawatra!  It’s an expression of sympathy! T h a k s i n    S h i n a w a t r a  .  .  .   On this Memorial Day weekend here in the US of A, I wish you all Thaksin Shinawatra.

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