Action, Action and More Action!!

Holy Shit was I a whirling dervish today!!!  I am really turning into quite the list-maker, because I like to cross things off the list and feel like I’ve accomplished something.  I am trying to navigate Colorado’s insurance marketplace, and let me tell you, it is the definition of a Cluster Fuck!  Something is $300 a month, but you have a $5000 deductible and 30% coinsurance (an ugly word that means you have to pick up 30% of the bill).  They have different classifications of drugs, Specialty drugs, Generic drugs, they all have different coverage.  And to try to figure out if ECT is covered?  Forget about it.  I called Boulder County Health & Human Services to make an appointment to talk to a health care specialist, and I had to leave a message with a promise of a call back within 48 hours.  So!  in the meantime I signed up for COBRA (continuing insurance through my former employer) and scratched out a check for almost $700.  For a MONTH!!!  Shoot me in the big toe.  That hurt.  Bad.

Off to Grill Night at Haystack Mountain Golf Course, this is a beautiful country golf course where they cook shit up on the grill and have live music, it’s a wonderful summery thing to do.  Slim Shady will be here any second to pick me up.  Oh, and I’m having over people from my DBT Group tomorrow night, so needless to say I still have a shitload of things on the list as far as spiffing up my house, but I’m excited to catch up with everyone and review some DBT Skills.  Definitely worth the study and that DBT shit has helped me through some bad mood crashes, let me tell you.

I’m going to try to fit in one more thing from the list before SS gets here, so off I go!  Peach out homies and don’t forget to eat your vegetables!  😛

4 thoughts on “Action, Action and More Action!!

  1. I’m glad DBT worked for you. It didn’t work for me, I don’t feel it was what I needed but I am glad you made it through successfully. You are in my thoughts and prayers. and paying COBRA does suck! I am following your blog!

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