I Am A TV Addict

Oh I hate to admit it but I am sooooo addicted to TV!!  I have sat on my ass for two days in a row watching true crime reality shows!  They have absolutely nothing to offer me, it’s been a beautiful day outside both days, and I. Cannot. Move.  From.  The.  Couch!!!  Help me Lawdy I’m hooked!!!   Oh me oh my I can’t remove myself from this!!!   I haven’t even gotten dressed today!  Holy shit.  What is going to happen to me?

5 thoughts on “I Am A TV Addict

  1. You are too funny! I absolve you for your television sins! Just kidding! I get really into tv shows too – I’m watching something so ridiculous-sounding that you’ll think I’m a vapid and superficial freak. (which I kinda am.) “What Not To Wear” re-runs. Yep. Didn’t say I was proud of it!

    But I did haul my ass out of the house yesterday and today when usually I would stay home, agoraphobia-style. The reason? My glorious puppy Lucy! There’s a huge field across the highway from our tiny home/teeny “yard” where she can run and I absolutely want to be a good puppy mama to her. Anyway, go easy on yourself & enjoy your true crime reality shows! Love this post – it made me crack a smile!

  2. I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do spend a TON of time online. Mostly blog-related stuff, random surfing and YouTube’ing, and chatting with friends. So, see, we all have our vices! I should be cleaning my kitchen right now, but I figure it’s only 10:00am so I have plenty of time. 😀

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