Disability Interview

Sooooo I have the dreaded Disability Interview with the Social Security Administration tomorrow.  Yee-haw this is exciting!  I have to provide them with every drip-drop-bit-bot of information about me, so they can reject my application, and then I’ll have to appeal it.  Good times.  I’m limbering up now for all the cartwheels I’ll have to do.  They say they don’t care if your doctor says you’re disabled and can’t work.  Ummmm…..really?  Well what IS the criteria?  I am incredibly overwhelmed at the amount of paperwork that needs to be filled out.  By tomorrow.  That I’ve left until now.  POOP!!!  I am desperately missing the marijuana right about now.

On a totally different and unrelated note, I saw a former co-worker on LinkedIn today and he had changed his last name and is trying to market himself as a motivational speaker, therapist, life coach, and author.  I found it so incredibly interesting.  Considering that we used to work in IT together, he came off as somewhat of a fraud.  Also, what’s with the last name change?  Where do people get the balls to do something like this?  I wanted to send him a message and ask him what the hell happened to his last name, but then I was like, what’s the point?  Maybe I should see if I can take a seminar with Jack Canfield and then reinvent myself.  Write a book called Chicken and Corn Chowder for the Soul.  Guaranteed to give you corn poopie.  Anyhooooo I just had to rant on that.  It blew my mind.  Better get my ass to the kitchen table and start filling out some forms if I’m going to reinvent myself as a Disabled Person.  Peach out.

10 thoughts on “Disability Interview

  1. Okay, I will do a disability prayer/chant that your interview goes super-well and that you are approved!!!!!!! As far as the motivational speaker goes, your acquaintance reminds me of the hilarious Chris Farley -check this out:

  2. Good luck with the disability! It took about 2 years to get my husband’s squared away. Long, long process. Do you have a lawyer? I’d highly recommend one if they deny and you begin the appeal process. It’s a daunting mountain and the stress alone was enough to send my husband to the hospital twice.

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