Post-Disability Interview

Well I was a good girl and I got on the Disability website and filled out their little questionnaire in order to save time with the in-person interview. Turns out though that the whole process farted in the middle due to a comma being entered in a dollar amount over a thousand dollars (I just cut and pasted a number from Excel). Apparently that was enough to derail the whole process, so while I thought I was done, I was nowhere near done with the disability application. So when I saw someone in person, she gave me the option of going home and completing the application, or doing it there with her, taking two hours. Ummm duh. I chose to go home and finish it, which I did (goodie points for me, I hate this kind of shit!).

Now to reward myself I’m going to go play my new favorite game on Lumosity, Route to Sprout. Never heard of it? Well I highly recommend it! I am using Lumosity to try to recover my ECT-addled brain back to its’ normal functioning. It’s both frustrating and fun. If you’re anal like me and keep track of your scores from Day One, you can see both your progress and where you’ve backpedaled (and wonder why). The brain is a wondrous and wacko thing. I think those neuroscientists at Lumosity could have a field day studying my brain. Ah well, another day in Paradise. Peaches!

6 thoughts on “Post-Disability Interview

  1. Glad you are making headway on your disability application. The whole process is rather a pain in the ass, really. My best suggestion to you is to gather up any medical record you can find and pass it their way — your doctor’s office may not be as proactive with your case as you are. My having over 12 years worth of records, I was able to be approved the first time, in less than 3 months. It was a damn miracle, but I also must say that my paralegal mother really was the one who cinched the whole thing. If you feel like you need help, don’t be afraid to hire a disability lawyer. They don’t get paid until you do and it is often worth losing a little bit of coin in order to have the help. Sending good thoughts your way! (And PS…good for you for quitting marijuana. I know that must be tough but it seems like you are doing great!)

  2. I filled out disability with an advocate a couple of months ago…I guess after 30 some-odd treatments of ECT, people figure I may be eligible. Go figure. Keep us posted on your progress! It’s hard to find ssdi claims for ECT online, I’m curious how it goes for you 🙂

    • Hey! I’ve had over 30 treatments too! I just got a crapload of mail from Social Security – I think they’re trying to overwhelm me. I need to get off the computer and go fill out forms. HELL!! Good luck to you & your claim ;D

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