What A Night!

Well.  This has been a shit of a night.  Those fuckers at Boulder Community never got my bloodwork to the pharmacy.  THIRD REQUEST!!!  My solution has been a six-pack of beer, which I’ve drunk as quickly as possible, as well as a super-delicious box of Good & Plenty.  You know, when they’re fresh & soft?  Ohhh it’s so good.  That’s been my dinner.  And, watching the Sex & The City movie.  TWICE!!!  Excellent evening.  How has your night been?

9 thoughts on “What A Night!

  1. I’m so sorry….I HATE when seriously wrong shit like that happens!!!!
    As a chocoholic I don’t think I’ve ever tried Good & Plenty!!!!
    My life has been hollow! I shall get some G&P tomorrow!
    Having a snoozer of a night – the highlight was that I had a killer new brand of brownie ice cream: 2nd St.

  2. If this is Boulder Community in CO, I’ve had problems with them too when I lived there.

    And I’ve been on a Good & Plenty kick too lately!

      • There are so many damn good flavors at our gourmet market up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, land of the pot farms – it’s bizarre. This community is aweird combo. of the poor (meth labs etc.) and the filthy rich. These richies are the folks who can afford the $7 pints of amazing ice cream. Life isn’t fair.

      • That’s a fucking brilliant idea!! Come down and be my groovy ganja harvester, and we could craft fine moose-like pot ice cream, or dare I say it….”pot-lato”!!!

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