Moving Sads

Oh my am I SAD about moving out of my place!!! I am having a hard time working through the sadness. Part of me thinks I’m almost ready to move, and part of me is panicking about how much I have to do before Thursday to be ready to move. And all of me is sad, sad, sad about giving up my home. Jeeeesus this better be a good decision!!! I am filled with apprehension. Ok, back to packing and purging . . .

9 thoughts on “Moving Sads

  1. I can understand why you would feel sad. This a a totally HUGE transition for you and it will be up to you and your bipolar brain to try and stay positive. Keep using your DBT skills, particularly mindfulness, and just try to stay in the present. Sending calming thoughts your way!

  2. Rose is sooo right! I’m glad you are getting great advice here and we are all sending you lots of love, understanding and encouragement, because YOU deserve it!!!! It’s totally normal to feel this way — the sadness will come and go!

    Be extra-sweet to yourself, my little rock star! XOXOOXOXOXOXOXO

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