The Pot Pain Patch is Purdy Nice

In my last post I mentioned my awesome bingeing capacity thanks to the Clozaril I take every night.  So I got a CBN Pain Patch from the dispensary to try to force myself to fall asleep faster and miss the food cravings that Clozaril induces.  So far, after three nights, I think the pain patch is doing its job, as far as helping with pain and helping me to fall asleep quickly.

I tried an Indica lozenge last night as well, and I woke up in the middle of the night hungry as hell.  So I think that’s a “No” on the Indica lozenges.

I had ECT yesterday, feeling kind of flat today.  Hope all is well in your world!

18 thoughts on “The Pot Pain Patch is Purdy Nice

  1. On the upshot, being in the States means you can answer that munchie urge with my favourite from the 90s – Nacho Cheese Doritos and Ranch dressing. They don’t do Ranch over here, so I can’t refresh myself as to whether or not it was as good as tiny stoner me thought it was, ha ha.

      • I’m from Texas originally, but I moved to the UK in May 2007 after I finished my time in the United States Air Force. I came over to marry; we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary back in July. I was granted British citizenship atop my American citizenship in July… 2011, I think it was.

      • Ahahah, nope. I miss the ready availability of pickles and Ranch dressing and pizza rolls and Spaghetti-Os, but culturally, I always figured the UK would be a better match from what I saw of British comedy shows. I never actually expected to end up over here, and in the months before I told my now-husband I wanted to marry him, I had two other Brits express interest in me. I told them no, ’cause long distance relationships are stupid. xD

      • There’s a silly little online game called Kingdom of Loathing. I used to DJ for Radio KoL, so I was known, and known by sessay voice, hee hee. There’s also any number of meet-ups in a year, so I’d met a couple in passing at meets back in the States atop knowing them in-game. It’s a really good community on the whole though, and a lot of like-minded geeks have paired off because of meeting in the game.

      • My husband was a pub/club DJ for the better part of the last 20 years. The pub he regularly played in closed, then reopened, then reopened as somewhere else. Between that and having kids, he’s only done one or two gigs in the past four years.

  2. Oh my God – I want a patch when I decide to taper off Seroquel, which I use for my shitty insomnia!!!!! And no more Indica lozenges for you, my fiery friend!!!!!

    I really need to go to the dispensary – I need something for daytime free-floating anxiety. Do you get that too?

    I was addicted to benzos a couple years ago, so taking them is not an option. I don’t drink alcohol anymore because if I do now, I will get very, very, very sick. (I take my glorious MAOI, which did the trick for my bipolar depression.)

    Anyway, hope you feel less flat by the time you read this, sweetie! I’m proud of you for doin’ the zaparoo! It worked for me, as you know. I got the flats too. XOXOXOXOXOX

  3. I am investigating ECT and transcranial magnetic treatment. I was wondering what your experience and feelings were about the ECT treatments thus far. Thanks for sharing.

    • ECT is a lifesaver. If you do unilateral treatment (as opposed to placing the electrodes bilaterally) you will have very minimal side effects. You usually start out hard with three treatments per week, and you have to give up driving, until you taper down to less treatment. If you’re desperate to feel better and other things aren’t working, it’s worth a try. Best of luck to you 😀

      • Well ECT is a pretty big commitment to make, it starts out in the Acute phase with three treatments per week for three weeks. You can’t work or drive during that time. If you’re able to make that commitment, give it a try. It’s really a treatment of last resort 🙂

  4. Absolutely love your site/blog/words! Lucky for you, you live in the US, because I can’t go to a drug dispensary and get some of those ‘over the counter’ meds you like… Would love to though! But I am here in lil’ old Ireland, land of the leprechauns and a medical system so far behind in terms of mental health its not even funny; not even to a bi-polar on a massive high!! Go you! You are on fire!!

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