Good Bye, Sugar!

I have had a rocky relationship with sugar all my life. I LOVE sugar!! I have used it and abused it since I was a young child. When I was a kid, I would eat all of my Halloween candy in one day. And I’ve continued the same kind of behavior as an adult. Buy something sugary, like a box of Good and Plenty, and it’s gone by the end of the day. Lately, over the past few months, I’ve been bingeing on sugar, sometimes to the point of being sick in the night. I’ve been scaring myself. Being on Clozaril makes it really hard to resist sugar and carbs in general.

A few days ago, I watched the documentary Fed Up, which is all about sugar and obesity and the food industry and how crappy food is marketed to us and to children. It was incredibly revealing. One of the points that they made is that the place in our brains that is activated when we ingest cocaine, is the same place that’s activated when we consume sugar!!! There was also a study done with lab rats where they were given a choice between cocaine and sugar water, and four out of five rats chose the sugar water. This documentary was VERY revealing and educational, and I highly recommend it.

I have been so worried about my health since I started the Clozaril and have been really abusing food like an addict. My weight has been climbing and I get a terrible shock when I see myself in photographs with this terrible fat belly! Belly fat is the most dangerous, they say, because it’s attached to your internal organs and can cause heart disease. With the help of this documentary, I came up with the will to quit sugar and processed food. It’s a HUGE step and a HUGE commitment, but I feel like I am fighting for my life here.

It’s only been since Wednesday, but I’ve not ingested any sugar at all (to my knowledge). In the middle of the night when I get the monster food cravings, I’ve been able to eat a banana and fall back asleep. I’ve been eating a TON of organic vegetables (I wasn’t really eating vegetables before) and organic fruit when I feel like I need something sweet. I feel very encouraged that I’ve been able to do this at all. My hope is to make a permanent lifestyle change that includes unprocessed, organic food and NO SUGAR.

I’ll keep you posted as I go along. Maybe some of you would like to join me on this venture? Go watch the documentary Fed Up (you can get it on iTunes or go to Let me know what you think! With love to you all, BPOF!

10 thoughts on “Good Bye, Sugar!

  1. Fed Up sounds like something I need to watch. I drink my sugar…. soda all day long. I know it’s bad but it’s so good. I think you can reach your goal! I may even try, too.

  2. I used to be on a medication for my bipolar that caused the carb cravings. I too recently gained weight over the last year. Nothing to do with medication, but my roommate had me try the New Beverly Hills Diet, which encompasses everything you’re saying. I lasted until the prune day, lol. But it did help me to realize. My Psych Dr put me on Topiramate for anxiety. I’ve noticed weight loss, which he said it was known for. I’m finally, after 13 months getting back into my old clothes.

  3. I have been on Clozaril for nearly nine years now, and unfortunately that is quite a common side effect. I have battled it in some form since beginning the medication. I find it even worse to deal with than the constant blood draws. However, despite all of this, it has truly changed my life, and I hope it does so for you as well! Hang in there 🙂

  4. That’s so cool! My friend is on a no sugar diet and the weight has MELTED off her. I think its called the ‘Banting Diet’. You cut out all carbs but eat lots of meat with fats (the good ones). Apparently its eating like they did a few centuries ago. I refuse to part with my french nougat, so Lithium Large I remain. But its working with my friend

    • Well I haven’t cut out all carbs..I think that would just be impossible for me. But cutting out sugar and processed food is a tall order in itself. I really hope and pray that I can get back to a more manageable weight 🙂

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