Still Sugar-Free

And the cravings are a real bitch!!! I am still off the sugar (not just sugary foods but sugar in any food, and most processed foods) and it is still a bitch! I am focusing on eating WAYYYYY more fruits and vegetables than I was. I keep reminding myself that I’m working on developing healthier habits that will benefit me for a lifetime. Also, a lot of the time when I’m craving crap (sugar, carbs, junkfood in general) I just have to remind myself that I am fine, I am not hungry, I’ve eaten plenty of food. Sometimes I will have a piece of fruit. This is a major addictive process that I am trying to overcome. Food, carbs, sugar, I have used to medicate so much!!! And I so want to just let go and binge on a big container of ice cream. With gobs of caramel sauce. Somehow, I am managing to keep my decision to change my relationship to food. Mood-wise, I am doing really well. I am feeling positive, empowered and hopeful. I want to continue on this path.

Just a reminder, if you’re interested in going down this path with me (PLEASE, I NEED SOME SUGAR-FREE BUDDIES!!) watch the movie Fed Up. It will motivate you like you wouldn’t believe!!

Hope your week is going well, my friends!! Peaches to your Mama!!

17 thoughts on “Still Sugar-Free

  1. I’m proud of you. Food additions are difficult because, unlike any other addition, you HAVE to eat. If I stopped smoking, I would never smoke again. But food is fuel and there is nothing to substitute it with so every meal time you’re faced with temptation. So I admire your self discipline! I’ll join you, but in half a measure…. I comfort eat and want to replace that with healthy balanced meals. But I won’t quit sugar completely. Yesterday I had no sugar, and I S.W.E.A.R. I’m already thinner…..!

  2. I’m just curious, but have you considered eating “clean?” It’s basically cutting out all of the processed junk food we’re fed and replacing it with whole ingredients. It’s a lot of work to do up front (looking at food labels, prepping dinner), but it’s definitely worth it in the end!

  3. I just went vegetarian and I’m trying to cut out all the badness out of my diet. When I was on meds, I found I had the worst trouble with this stuff 😦 risperdal was the worst for me

    • It is so much hard work to make these diet changes but I think it’s worth it!! I feel really good to be able to say that I’m “eating clean”. Have you by chance seen that movie “Fed Up”? I know it sounds like I own stock in it or something but it’s just been such a powerful motivator for me.

  4. I tried sugar-free once. I was doing very well until ‘tea’ came about. I have to have sugar in my tea. NOTHING is sweet enough and I’ve tried everything. Good luck to you, I know you can do it!

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