Lookin’ For New Providers, Yee Haw!!

I am in the joyous process of looking for new health care providers in Florida. WOW! Is this a fun process! Calls, calls, calls, messages, messages, messages. I finally got through to one psychiatrist’s office and was about to have the appointment made in the shade when I happened to mention that I am on Clozaril and need bloodwork and monitoring. The woman on the line said “Oh I don’t think we “do” Clozaril. I will have to speak to the doctor before I schedule the appointment.” You don’t DO Clozaril? What the hell???? Is looking at a lab report every two weeks such a hardship? I mean really….I didn’t know I was so special. Fuck.

So I am waiting for sixty-hundred calls back. I left messages for both psychiatrists and psychotherapists. My current psychiatrist, Dr. Drugs, said he thinks I need to get both right away, in fact, he only gave me one refill on my meds so that I would haul ass and find a new doctor before I run out. What a stone cold sucka Dr. Drugs is!! Making me get off my ass and all . . .

I am taking my car tomorrow to have a serious once-over at a “reputable” car shop. I am so deeply suspicious and paranoid when it comes to this stuff. If they tell me I need a new this or that, how do I know if I really do or if they’re just taking my credit card out for a test drive? I am stressed big-time by this. I am betting (I’ll let you know tomorrow) that they will come up with a thousand dollars’ worth of work that needs to be done. At which time I will have a burst of insta-diarrhea right there in their front office. No joke. But I can’t see taking a two thousand mile trip without having the car looked over. Oh! Such a conflict. I seriously think my blood pressure is high today. Maybe I’ll take half a Klonipin. Such coping skills, you say? I KNOW! Sometimes drugs really ARE the answer.

Well I am off to get a flu shot. This day just keeps getting better and BETTER!! Maybe I can get a suppository while I’m there too. Happy Thursday, my friends!! Peach out, homies!   BPOF! Fire!

3 thoughts on “Lookin’ For New Providers, Yee Haw!!

  1. I hate that you’re having to go through all this red tape to find a doctor. It sucks. The fact that a doctor may not take you as a patient because you take Clozaril is beyond ridiculous. I hope you get it all ironed out soon

  2. OMG, girl, I’ll be praying that your mechanic experience goes way better than you expect! The doctor thing….don’t get me started!!! That’s super-crae crae. The b.s. is enough to make you want to move to Sweden or Norway or wherever it is they have human health care!!! Hang in there honey. You re the Mighty Fiery One! Don’t let these rumpholes get you down!!! XOXOXOX

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