An Open Letter to Amazon

This is an incredibly thoughtful and powerful piece that I just had to share!

Mental Health, the Media, and Me

Dear Amazon,

Over the last couple of Halloweens, social media websites have had people commenting more and more on inappropriate and offensive attractions and costumes that are seen to be demonizing those with a mental health condition, and linking mental illness with violence and psychopathy.  Despite these issues having been raised, Amazon continues to sell such items.  While the UK website appears to limit itself to a strait-jacket costume when it comes to such costumes, goes a lot further.  Various costumes on refer to them representing people from a “psycho ward.”  Another is a “skitzo” costume.  There is also a “mental patient” costume.  It’s thought that around 50 million people in the world are “skitzo” (your term, not mine), is the following the way they should be represented and portrayed?


One has to wonder why, in 2014, Amazon (or any other retailer) believes it is OK to represent such illnesses…

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