Hello, Florida!

Three long days of driving have brought me to my destination: St. Petersburg, Florida. My winter home. My attempt at staying out of the mental hospital this winter. I had a wonderful drive with my sister and then a day at the beach with her yesterday before putting her on a plane (sob). I am now here with my friend and her boyfriend, I have no idea how this is going to go. It’s time to start a new life, oh boy. It’s a tad bit overwhelming so I’m going to make a list of things to do today, including making an ECT appointment for a month out, finding a lab for my Clozaril bloodwork, finding a pharmacy, and following up with my goddamned insurance company, which is trying to pull a fast one on me and all of a sudden saying that treatment for ECT at the last hospital is Out Of Network, after it’s been considered In-Network since last February. I HATE that shit!!

It is very beautiful here and I can ride a bike to the beach. We rode bikes yesterday, just about blowing out our lungs riding them (cruiser bikes, no gears) over the causeway which is a very high hill. It was good exercise I suppose. The beach is beautiful, covered in shells, sea birds walking around close to us, pelicans diving in the water, and not a scrap of trash anywhere. I believe I will go exploring today and try out another beach, and have a nice walk with my feet in the water J.

Hope everyone is faring well as Winter begins for many of you, if it gets too bad then come on out to Florida to escape! Peaches!

15 thoughts on “Hello, Florida!

  1. I was wondering if you can tell me more about your experience with ECT? My Pdoc is recommending it for me and frankly it scares me to death. I am conscerned about memory and cognitive issues. Thanks keep writing!

    • ECT is a lifesaver if you’re desperate. They can do either bilateral or unilateral treatment. Bilateral treatment will cause lots of memory and cognitive issues. Unilateral will not. Good luck! 😀

  2. I’m so proud of you for taking this leap! You are truly incredible. I’ll be thinking of you in the weeks to come!!!

    Re: ECT – I had both kinds. While yes, bilateral was definitely more intense in terms of the way I felt immediately after each treatment and with temp. memory loss (nothing major – I just couldn’t recall a few acquaintances’ names who I hadn’t seen in a long time…that went on for a few months but then that too got better), I had no *lasting* memory or cognitive side effects.

    ECT saved my life both times I had it; first I asked for unilateral after Dad died & I felt suicidal (and already had bipolar depression), and then a couple years later, when I tapered off lithium and I relapsed into suicidal bipolar depression, I asked for bilateral. I know I’m really lucky in both cases that it worked and that I had minimal side effects. If I ever needed it again I’d have it done in a heartbeat. Good luck to EJ and to you, my dear!!!

    • Thank you so much. I feel like bilateral totally incapacitated me. I didn’t know where the coat closet was in my house. I couldn’t remember where I kept my jewelry. I couldn’t remember the name of a major street near my house. And I got worse. So for myself, I am against bilateral.

      As usual, thanks for the lovely comments, my friend! ❤

      • Just like with meds, we have such bizarre & different reactions! I’m so sorry you had memory loss like that!!! :(((( I almost didn’t comment as I didn’t want to mislead anyone, but at the same time, that truly was how it panned out for me.

        Sending you big hugs from afar, my sweet one. Always wonderful to hear from you, even when we discuss icky shit like ECT! (Or sugar, ha ha ha!) XOXOXOO

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