I Am A Murderer

I have been collecting shells at the beach. I am going to make my sister and her girlfriend a Shell Jar (buy a glass jar, fill it with shells, voila! A Shell Jar). I only want the most perfect shells for the shell jar. Two of the most perfect, gorgeous shells I found had something living in them. Rather than flinging them back into the ocean and admonishing them to “LIVE!”, I picked them up, thinking sorry little suckers, you gotta die. And now I’ve been waiting . . . and waiting . . . for them to die and leave their shell-homes. My guilt over killing these little shell-beings is proportionate to the stink they are causing. It’s disgusting! Little gushy things are starting to come out of the shells. Ohhhhh it’s gross. One thing I can tell you is that I have learned from this experience. Never again will I bring a live thing home. I feel guilty! I feel like a murderer. What is this doing to my karma? I’m probably going to step on something sharp and infectious at the beach. I’m sorry, little shell gushies! Never again, ok?

13 thoughts on “I Am A Murderer

  1. I will step in here and absolve you of all sin, by the power invested in me by….MYSELF ha ha ha!

    As long as you didn’t run over a fluffy, warm-blooded creature, then I think you won’t go to Hades. (That sucks about the stench, though – I think you’ve paid your karmatic dues by smelling that!!)

    You are very sweet to make a shell jar for your sister & her gf by the way!! You had the best of intentions! XOXOXOXOX

    p.s. you could wrap up the stinky carcasses in a special “smell jar” and send them to Comcast as a gift!!! NOT! 😉

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