Merry Christmas And A Crashed Hard Drive To You!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around for awhile (has anybody noticed?  Maybe I flatter myself).  Welllll I had the coolest thing happen to me on Christmas Day!  My fucking hard drive crashed!!  Awesome huh!  Sooo I have been limping along with my iPhone, waiting for a new hard drive to come in the mail.  It finally came yesterday.  I guess you could say that it was a “lucky” thing that it happened while I was in Colorado, because I was able to go to my storage unit and I actually FOUND MY BACKUP HARD DRIVE and on said backup hard drive there was a RESTORABLE IMAGE!!!!  Not only that, but I had backed up my files in August before I moved!!  I love it when Anal-Me does something so shockingly efficient and helpful!!!  Oh I was a happy girl today when I realized that I wouldn’t have to go out and buy Windows 7 for a shitload of money (more than the cost of the hard drive).  That just makes my day . . . . YESSSS!!

So I’ve already gone to Colorado and come back to Florida, wow, that was quick!  I must admit to quite the little mood crash when I returned from Colorado, coming from the loving bosom of my large family and being engaged with people practically 24/7 to . . . nothing.  One of my “kind-of” friends here invited me over for drinks on the first night I was back but I just couldn’t do it – too tired.  Then I didn’t hear from him again, even on New Year’s!  I did smuggle home some marijuana lozenges and on New Year’s Eve I got completely smashed on said lozenges and Grey Goose vodka.  All by myself.  That’s very alcoholic-sounding, isn’t it?  Well I paid through the nose…literally, puking, even through the nose, late that night and most of the next day.  Why oh why does it EVER seem like a good idea to get drunk?  I really don’t know.  I see that vodka bottle in my freezer now and I just say “FUCK YOU” to it every time I see it.  Sooner or later it will sneak up on me again and say “Heyyyy babyyyyy here’s a good time, just have a little . . .” and off I will go.  I know!  Not.  Good.

Well I am getting together with my Meetup group that used to meet up on Thursdays, tonight (minus the founder of the Meetup, who was a dick, who stepped down from running the Meetup and it died because no one took it over).  It will be nice to see the other people, chat, have A (one) drink, eat some Mexican food, blah blah blah.  It will be good to have some company.  The Florida weather has bounced back to sunny and warm after being dismal, rainy and grey earlier in the week.  I need to wrap this up and head over to the beach for my daily constitutional.  Hope you are all well in this new year, good luck with those resolutions!  So far I have resolved to stay alive.  That has to be enough for now.  Peach out homies!!

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas And A Crashed Hard Drive To You!

  1. Awesome you were able to restore your hard drive. Stay away from that bottle of vodka in the freezer. I find that if I don’t have booze in my home, I’m far less likely to drink it. Happy New Year!

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