Happy Belated VD

Oh my lovers, hope you had a great Valentines Day!  Even if you’re like me and spent it alone, on a beach, reading a book.  There’s a lot to love about that!  I did get two lovin’ phone calls, one from my oldest sister and one from my parents.  Talking with my parents was a special time, they were reliving their visit to Florida, and in particular Tarpon Springs, which my Mom referred to as Tampon Springs.  Oh, Mommy!  You are so accidentally funny.  Tarpon Springs will forever be Tampon Springs to me.  Oh the pictures my mind conjures up!!

So I started reading a new book, actually two.  One for enjoyment, which I got from this little library box across from my house.  It’s a place where you go put in a book, and take another out.  I lucked out and got a good one.  The other book I am reading, I bought probably six months ago.  It’s more of a “homework” book.  It’s called What Color Is Your Parachute and it’s both a job search guide and an aide in career-switching.  Since I absolutely HATE my old IT career, I am trying to come up with a new idea that I can really, realistically do.  There’s a lot of work involved, writing, and thinking.  I am really committed to doing this work, and coming up with a better idea for my next career move.  I think, no I KNOW, that this well help me to have more hope for the future. 🙂

I am going to Fort De Soto Beach with two girlfriends today.  It’s a beautiful, clear day and hopefully we’ll see some dolphins, that’s what that area is known for.  Have a delicious Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Happy Belated VD

  1. Your day ahead sounds so fun, honey!!!! Have a blast! I hope you see a whole pod of dolphins…I love them! Xoxoxo p.s. good for you for doing the “Parachute” exercises!!! That book is a classic! I’m so proud of you, my fantastic, fiery , superfreaky friend!

  2. Happy venereal disease to you too sweetie! Bleck we don’t touch valentines, out of all the made up holidays this one pisses me off the most, single friends sitting around watching the notebook and crying about their lack of Ryan gosling, friends in relationships all posting pictures of their teddy bears that say “I love you” coz without the teddy bear who would have known? Bah humbug. I have no doubt you will work out your next step and be fabulous, whatever you choose. I’m rooting for you lovely! xo

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