Get The Fuck Out!!!


Right now I am kind of in the shits, and it’s a struggle to do ANYTHING.  I actually got out to Fort DeSoto Beach today.  I was ready to spend another day on the couch, in front of the fucking idiot box, but somehow lord jesus I got my ass in gear and got going.  This is the first starfish I’ve seen on a Florida beach.  It was a little sucker, probably 4″ across.  I didn’t disturb it, just photo’d it.  I’m glad I got out and walked the beach.

I’m home now, a little sad because I know my family in Colorado is having a birthday celebration for one of my sisters and one of my brothers.  I am sad to miss the celebration.  I’m a big fucking baby.  I’m trying to focus on enjoying everything Florida has to offer for this last month.  Hope you all have a rockin’ weekend.  ❤


11 thoughts on “Get The Fuck Out!!!

  1. So I recently discovered that if you smile, it breaks you out of your head. It’s really hard/annoying to do at first but it pays dividends. Plus it’s awesome that you got out to the beach. Be well!

  2. I’ve been out there. It’s really pretty in the summer. We’ve been on location for photo shoots. I think the most starfish I’ve seen is up in Clearwater. From central to south Florida — practically been everywhere. Hope the rest of the days are enjoyable.

  3. New follower. Thanks for the honestly. Finding others in this roller coaster world of bp helps me cope;allows me to recognize myself and understand I’m not alone in the loneliness of the secret and stigma. BTW, great photo. 🙂

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