dolphin1 dolphin2This weekend, I saw dolphins for the first time since I’ve been in Florida.  What a thrill!!  I love those suckers.  This was at Ft. DeSoto Beach, in case you’re wondering.  I’ve been getting in as much beach time and sun time as possible, trying to enjoy the water and heat as it’s my last month here.  Also, I want to return to Colorado with a tan.  😀   I’ve also been swimming quite a lot, both in the ocean and in the pool where I live.  The ocean swimming has been quite good for my spiritual life, as I swim out to the buoys and back (300-400 feet offshore) I continually pray “God protect me” as there are no lifeguards where I swim.  I’m a strong swimmer and there’s pretty much no record of shark attacks, but I still get a little paranoid.

My mood is pretty good, I think because I know I’m going home soon.  How are you???

2 thoughts on “DOLPHINS!!!

  1. I loooooooooooooove dolphins, so this was a treat to see those pics! I’m glad you’ve been protecting yourself spiritually whilst cavorting in the ocean! We can’t have a shark gobble you up!!!

    That’s so awesome you’ve been swimming. I’m going to go take a “swim” in my bathtub, as I’m FREEZING in our ice-cold house & hot water sounds so nice right now! We’re not blessed with central heating, and the fire Craig built this a.m. in our little fireplace is wimpy. (No offense to him)

    Sending you heaps of love and continued heavy-duty spiritual protection! Smooches!

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