Firefox Is An Asshole

Do you use Firefox?  If so, are you as sick of all the damn tracking and targeted advertisements as I am?  I KNOW!!!  I changed my privacy settings to stop the tracking and the third party cookies, and now I have to log in to every-fucking-thing every time I go to the site, and Fuckbook makes me login about every ten minutes.  FIREFOX’S REVENGE!!!    Well, FUCK YOU, FIREFOX!!  I’ll live with a few (hundred) extra logins to avoid the ultra-annoying ads every time I turn around.  Damn!!  I google something stupid like “pocket pussy” (because I’ve never seen one before, and a girlfriend of mine told me she found one in her ex’s bathroom) and Fuckbook starts advertising Pocket Pussies on the side of their page!!  Always and forever!!!  That is RIDICULON!!!  So you see why I rant.  Part of it is Google and part of it is Firefox.  Together they are the Devil Incarnate.

I am excited to see the BLOOD MOON tonight.  Pictures tomorrow.  Be afraid.

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