Demi Lovato Naked…Yet She Has No Asshole!

Free The Asshole!!  REALLY.  Demi.  Baby.  You go on and on about how hard you have worked to be “ok with the skin you’re in” and all, and you claim to be in unretouched photos, but you have no asshole!!!  How can this be??  Here’s the link to the page and video:  I just have to know, how can this be?  Is it true?  Are Hollywood Starlets having their assholes removed, because they no longer have a need to poop?  Is drinking all their meals and peeing sufficient?  Is being asshole-less The New Black?    In 3…..2…..1 the entire Kardashian/Jenner family will pose naked, bent over, showing us their vast, gargantuan LA-engorged silicone asses without the asshole!  I can’t wait.  I’m SICK of having an asshole.  I’m going to get on a waiting list RIGHT NOW for financial aid for asshole removal.  DEMI GIRL YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE STARTED BUT I’M IN!!!

19 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Naked…Yet She Has No Asshole!

  1. You are fucking hilarious!!!! I love your sense of humor – I laughed out loud reading this. Thanks for keeping it real, my friend. Can we talk? I’m SO sick of the phony media bullshit in this country – it has gotten to be too much and who’s going to suffer? Our young girls who think they need to look perfect. It’s a bunch of slugshit. (Banana slug, of course)

    But I have to tell you the truth – I like the “old” Demi because I saw her in some dumb Disney show with my girls and I’ll admit it – I didn’t even know who she was but it was done before she became famous and she played a girl at a summer camp for rich kids and her mom was the cook and she pretended she wasn’t poor to the phony friends she made…. Her personality shone through to me – she seemed very cool, although she was acting and it wasn’t her, but anyway she sang like a super freak. She looked totally different than her forthcoming image.

    Then she became famous and I think her bipolar got triggered – and in the sequel to the dumb camp show you could see a change in her. The producers made her seem like a totally different person with about twenty pounds of makeup and clothes that no teen should wear. Anyway, I don’t even know what my point is! Oh yeah, I like her, but I don’t like the superficial world she has been pressured by – she can’t help but fall into that trap despite her amazing advocacy. I think she’s still struggling behind the glam and the poise.

    I’m totally rambling & making syntax errors etc., but I’m exhausted from my 8-day cold/cough from hell, so I’ll use that as an excuse, okay? I think I have to go to the loo now and make sure I still have my nether region intact!


  2. Okay, I watched the clip just now….um, that’s not real, no way. I liked her message but the photo of her perched in the bathtub is totally photoshopped!!!!!!!

  3. Hilarious. I’m really thrown off by Lovato’s nudes – at least the ass(hole-less) shot. She would not have posed for these photos unless she was in great shape. Plus, as Dy points out – Photoshop.

  4. Okay so asshole removal is a thing.

    I am going on the 4 of next month for this, but it’s hey Crohns’ disease.

    I found it hilarious I had the choice of the type of stitch up. I can get a straight line or a pucker can be sewn in. I like the idea of having a pucker…I seriously have said to my surgeon and ostomy nurse I want the “asshole stitching.”

    This was a truly silly post.

    And as far as being a Crohns patient I found this humorous.

    I have joked about having a stolen colon/good bye to the poop chute party.

    This definitely made me chuckle.

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